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Lisa is former Mrs. America 1997-1998, an author, one of the nation's top fitness experts, a professional television host, speaker, singer, model, actor, private coach for modeling, acting, pageantry, professor of business, management, and leadership, mother of five, and a minister. Her mission is to motivate, guide, and inspire all walks of life. In her workouts, Lisa works as many body parts as she can in her challenging workouts. She is a fitness expert for national television shows such as Dr. Phil, the Doctor's Show, and Exercise TV. Lisa has many fitness clients like Dick's Sporting Goods, GNC, Prevention Magazine, and Rodale. She has been in many fitness infomercials and DVDs such as P.I.N.K Method, DTour Diet, and South Beach Diet's Supercharged Workout. Lisa is certified in nutrition, aerobics, Pilates, yoga, and a CPT-certified personal trainer. She has been an instructor for over 20 years through IDEA, Energetics, and Expert Rating. Lisa is also a black belt in Kung-Fu and studies mixed martial arts. She and her husband own a school called Black Dragon Kung-Fu Fighting School. Click the BOOK tab to read about Lisa's new book that will
 change your mindset and give you empowerment for living!

To book Lisa for private training sessions in person or via Skype, or to order a personalized DVD call: 716-400-0731 or email:

                                                                                                Reporter for Dr. Phil                                                                      

Lisa is a member of the P.I.N.K. method team and was a fitness expert on the Dr. Phil show. Here are some clips (please click on links below):
and was also an fitness expert on The Doctors show .  
Lisa is choreographer and lead instructor/host for Prevention Magazine's Diabetes DTour Diet Workout. In addition, she is lead/host/choreographer for The South Beach Diet Supercharged Workout, and Exercise TV- Total Body TransFIRMation. Lisa is a feature-model, field-reporter for many fitness infomercials such as: Target Zone, Gazelle, Abrageaous, Ab Fit, Tree Trac, Eclipse, and more. 

Lisa Christie - Fat-Fighting Fitness
Lisa is a professional dancer. She is a former pro-cheerleader where she cheered three years with the (AFL) Arena Football League, the Buffalo Destroyers. Lisa has been dancing since the age of four from tap, jazz, hip-hop, to modern dance and ballet. She currently takes lessons in ballet, hip-hop, and swing to further her training. 

She keeps herself in shape by cross-training six days a week, twice a day. She is also creator, and owner of B-Harmony, all-natural skin care line, and a professional singer/performer.
Lisa is the official fitness expert and trainer for the Buffalo Knights semi-pro football team in Buffalo, NY

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