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Lisa Christie is a former Mrs. America and getting there wasn't an easy journey. This was supposed to be the highlight of her life, yet she was torn in half by her emotions; trying to enjoy her reign. Her marriage was abusive and volatile. The crown made the abuse heighten, but it opened her eyes to the truth in her relationship. Lisa sought the Lord to save her and make her life better. Lisa had rededicated her life to the Lord and He led her to the crown. She promised to be a mover and a shaker for His kingdom for the rest of her life..

The Lord gave her the courage to go to war and win the battle! The ten-year battle robbed Lisa of her children, her house, and her finances, she was raped, had court trial after court trial, and defamed, but she would not be robbed of her calling! Lisa won the battle and the Lord restored all that was lost in her life! She shares her testimony and guides others to transform and heal from the inside out.

During Lisa's trials, her mother reminded her that no weapon or tongue formed against her would prosper! She won her battle and is now representing the Lord as a minister, evangelist, prophetess, and apostle! She just finished her first book America The Windstorm and will make a Christian CD. Lisa is booked in churches and conferences across the nation, giving her testimony, preaching, and singing her music. Lisa is also a professional model, television host, national fitness expert, model, actor and private fitness, model, actor, pageant coach, and creator of an all-natural personal care product line called B-harmony. She is on a mission to reshape the thinking and heal lives from the inside out. Lisa is doing what Jesus said to her, "You will preach to nations and the world and it will be worldwide television. Tell everyone that Jesus is Lord and judgment day is coming!"

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